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About KooChooLoo Baby

I’m Francoise Nassi, mother of three boys, designer and entrepreneur. KooChooLoo Baby was born from my love of classic style and my utter frustration with trying to achieve it when it came to my kids. 

Every time I thought my three toddler boys looked presentable, I would turn around to a disheveled, wrinkly mess. Hey, it wasn’t their fault. They were just doing their job of exploring the world and having fun. At the time, I was pregnant with my third son and I knew I wasn’t up to toting around all the clothes and doing all the laundry required to keep them comfortable and stylish.

I wanted clothes that were playful and chic, designed for the way kids move, and made with same soft, high-quality fabrics adults take for granted. Effortless, modern yet classic style that takes little ones from playground to birthday party ... I couldn’t find it so I decided to make it myself. 

I launched KooChooLoo Baby in October 2010 to make cute clothing for little ones.

For boys and girls up to age four, I’ve designed vintage-inspired separates, sleepers, rompers and dresses to be comfy, mix-and-match versatile and, of course, cute.

All KooChooLoo Baby clothes are made in the United States from soft, natural fabrics such as pima cotton. They are made to survive the big job of being little. Our buttons are lead-tested and made from organic materials such as shell and mother of pearl rather than the typical plastic. Starting with our Spring Collection, all of our knits will be made with our own super-soft, light and strong Micro Modal spandex that’s milled in California.

Look for KooChooLoo at retailers near you in 2011. In the meantime, shop our full line on the Web. If you would like to carry KooChooLoo in your store, let me know. Little@KooChooLooBaby.com


Line Description:

KooChooLoo means “small” or little one.” KooChooLoo Baby means cute clothing for little ones that can take them from playground to party in effortless style. 

Playfully sophisticated and easily wearable, this line of mix-and-match separates and pieces is for boys and girls in sizes 0-3 months up to 4T. KooChooLoo brings simple, European cool to the preschool with classic striped turtlenecks, yoga pants, and easy-breezy dresses, sleepers and rompers.  

Designed by the mother of three young boys, KooChooLoo clothes are made with soft, natural materials that move with active little explorers. KooChooLoo uses fabrics typically found only in adult fashion, such pima cotton and Micro Modal spandex (KooChooLoo mills its own). All buttons are lead-tested and made from natural materials such as shell and mother of pearl. And all KooChooLoo clothes are made in the United States.


Available at koochooloobaby.com and select retailers.